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Credit Worthiness Report includes highlights of the financial results for the respective quarters as well as detailed information on MCCU’s investment holdings. Links to previous quarters’ reports are listed below for ease of reference. If you have any questions regarding the Credit Worthiness Reports or any other issues involving Missouri Corporate, please don’t hesitate to contact Kitty Gray at kgray@mocorpcu.coop.

March 2014 Credit Worthiness

December 2013 Credit Worthiness

September 2013 Credit Worthiness

June 2013 Credit Worthiness

March 2013 Credit Worthiness

December 2012 Credit Worthiness

September 2012 Credit Worthiness

June 2012 Credit Worthiness

March 2012 Credit Worthiness

December 2011 Credit Worthiness

September 2011 Credit Worthiness

June 2011 Credit Worthiness

March 2011 Credit Worthiness

December 2010 Credit Worthiness

September 2010 Credit Worthiness

June 2010 Credit Worthiness

March 2010 Credit Worthiness


Our latest Annual Report can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Prior year's Annual Report, which includes audited financial statements and comments from management are also available.

2013 Annual Report (.pdf file)

2012 Annual Report (.pdf file)

2011 Annual Report (.pdf file)

2010 Annual Report (.pdf file)

2009 Annual Report (.pdf file)


Because of the way the funds are matched and invested, MCCU is well positioned to meet the liquidity demands of its member credit unions. If needed, MCCU also has in place other sources from which it could borrow to meet liquidity needs.



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