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As we all know phishing scams and other fraudulent activity are on the increase, putting your credit union and members at risk. These scams appear to come from "Official Financial Entity" and usually attempt to obtain personal information from the email recipient.

To help keep you informed we will post fraud alerts on this webpage as we become aware of them. Security is everyone's responsibility, and our fraud center is meant to inform and provide additional resources.

You can forward phishing emails you receive to and to the Federal Trade Commission at

1-26-12 Account Takeover Threat


Notice to Members:

Missouri Corporate Credit Union will never request your password or your user ID information via email. Please contact us immediately if you receive any email that appears to be coming from Missouri Corporate CU requesting this type of information at 1-800-826-5228 or, please note that CorPower DOES send emails to alert individual users that their password and or PIN is expiring soon.

Security Best Practices:

Fraudulent activity is extremely commom with increasingly aggressive attacks being made on financial institutions and consumers. Please be aware that there continues to be a specific and significant attempts to initiate fraudulent transactions. This type of event could happen to any of us, at any time. There are many technologies available, tools and practices that dramatically reduce security risks, however, no solution can guarantee that information resources will be protected from all possible threats. Because security is everyone's responsibility we strongly encourage you to inventory your security practices and enact, where possible, additional safety features in your payments procedures to avoid potential fraudulent activity. The following practices are recommended.

  • Verification limits - dollar amount, frequency, specific payments type
  • Dual approval settings
  • Password parameters
  • PIN usage and reset frequency
  • Regular review of security related reports
  • IP address lockdown
  • Designated computers that limit or block access to email and internet usage

It is also very important to periodically review all of the application security procedures and settings
that are available. We recommend you pay attention to the following regarding password parameters.

  • Use a long password
  • Change your password frequently
  • Create complex passwords using a mixture of upper and lowercase alpha, numeric and special characters when possible
  • Do not use repeating characters
  • Do not write passwords or user IDs down
  • Don't share passwords or user IDs
  • Do not use the same password for accessing more than one system - use a different password

Use additional resources or tools that your credit union may have to spot unusual activity regarding
unauthorized access attempts and activity outside of deemed normal business hours, and remain viligant
regarding Malware (malicious software) and Spyware.


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