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Community Investment Fund

The CIF is the National Credit Union Foundation’s (NCUF) primary funding mechanism for national and state programs benefiting credit unions and their members. Your credit union’s CIF investment provides funds for national and state-level development initiatives and is a stable source of funding for NCUF grant making and endowment growth. Distributions received by each state are used to promote credit union development.

The CIF provides an easy mechanism for credit unions to contribute to the National Credit Union Foundation and to their own state foundations, as well. It is easier for credit unions to "give" from income as opposed to the expense line, and therefore this account appeals to a wider variety of credit unions.

Here’s how it works – the interest earned on your CIF investment is split 50/50 between your credit union and the NCUF. At the NCUF, the interest dollars are split 50/50 again; half stays with the NCUF and the other half is distributed to your credit union’s state foundation or League. For more information, go to and click on “Community Investment Fund.”

There are several ways to invest in the CIF:

An investment in the CIF enables a credit union to “keep on giving” without having to budget or expense an individual donation each year. However, individual donations to the Missouri Credit Union Foundation or the state foundation of your choice are welcome too!


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