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Our Quality Standards

At Missouri Corporate Credit Union, we’re constantly adapting to the changes occurring in today’s marketplace. That’s why we’re using the Missouri Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence to assess and improve performance on the critical factors that drive our business success.


The Missouri Quality Award Criteria, based on the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, allows us to identify strengths and to target opportunities for improvement on processes and results affecting both our members and our employees. The Criteria will help MCCU align resources; improve communication, productivity and effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals.

Member Expectations

There are four major expectations that member credit unions have of Missouri Corporate: Invisibility, Simplicity, Competitiveness and Sustainability. These expectations apply not only to MCCU but to the supply chain that delivers the products and services.

  • Invisibility is the desire of members to not be aware of MCCU as a part of the process of daily operations. We are not only seamless; we are invisible.
  • Members desire simplicity in the products and services provided in order to reduce the need for training, to make processes more manageable and easier to complete.
  • Members seek competitiveness in pricing, not requiring that all products are the cheapest or provide the greatest value.
  • Finally, members want a source for products and services that has sustainability. They do not wish to be continuously seeking new sources for products or services, but would rather find a source that they know will be with them for a long period.

Member Feedback

An important facet of our process improvement plan is to ask for input from members to find out just how well we’re actually doing. That’s why we conduct surveys and focus groups on a regular basis. We take our members’ comments very seriously, and make changes in our operation where appropriate.



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