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Automated Clearing House (ACH)


Instead of relying on share drafts or checks, you can use our ACH services to handle member transactions electronically. The ACH Direct Deposit system is the fastest method of receiving credit/debit transactions coming into your credit union.

The automated settlement of the ACH system allows for all non-recurring and recurring deposits to electronically affect your Overnight Share Account at MCCU.

So why not keep your reconciling simple and join the many credit unions that have designated MCCU as their correspondent financial institution to accept all ACH credits and debits.

ACH Exception Handling Service

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Handling Service is designed to allow credit unions to receive ACH activity through any service provider.

Although your credit union may receive its ACH activity through another service provider, with Missouri Corporate Credit Union's Exception Handling Service your credit union will electronically inform an originator of returns and the information needed for changes (NOCs) to member name, account number or credit union routing number.

Exception Handling is simple and easy to institute, and the information may be faxed to MCCU.


ACHConnect is an online Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) origination and receipt system for the collection, distribution and processing of ACH transactions from a credit union.

ACHConnect also enables credit unions to offer origination services to their Select Employee Groups (SEGs).

The ease and speed of online delivery allows a more effective means of ACH processing:

  • Internet-based technology
  • Safe and secure transactions

The MCCU Alternative

By utilizing Missouri Corporate's ACHConnect program for your own activity, as well as for SEG origination, your credit union can eliminate many expenses, problems and risk. Essentially, you "outsource" the initial hardware and software purchases, and much more of the ongoing expense of the system enhancement and support.

MCCU also provides full support for all ACHConnect users as part of the base subscription price, including technical, application, marketing and compliance assistance.


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