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Corporate Checking

Missouri Corporate Credit Union's checking service allows you to open an interest-earning, business checking account. Your funds are never frozen in non-compensating balances or in a delayed, check-floating situation. Rather, your checks clear through your Overnight Share Account, ensuring that your funds are never idle.

The benefits of Corporate Checking include:

Increased Earnings

There are no minimum balances of any kind, so every dollar in your Overnight Share Account works for you. Plus the earnings can be reinvested — something you cannot do with earning credits at other financial institutions.

Simplified Cash Management

The old-fashioned system of bank checking is imperfect and difficult. Since all unused funds earn interest, Corporate Checking automatically and perfectly manages check float.

The Elimination of Overdrafts

When you deal with a bank, writing a check against insufficient funds can result in two things: The bank will charge a hefty fee to your account, and the payee will lose confidence in the credit union. The chances of this happening with Corporate Checking are minimal because MCCU will automatically lend you funds up to a predetermined limit on your line of credit.

Simplified Reconciliation

If you write many checks, you may elect to receive statements weekly, biweekly or monthly. Or you can have daily access to your statements via the Internet. The statements are easy to reconcile because they include listings by date and check number order, plus we note breaks in the check sequence.

Customized Checking

If you need to separate issued checks by department or branch office, you can have more than one sub account. Cash management will remain simple because all checks clear against one Overnight Share Account. You can also control the color and design of all checks and pay only for printing and additional checks.


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